Secrets of Successful &
Strategic Nonprofit Communications

with Hilary Ryan, Ryan Communications

Just like the movies and television show, the impossible mission is made possible by dedicated individuals who form an exceptional team where each person’s strength is an essential element for success. While we won’t be talking about nano microphones or digital hacking, having a team member focused on understanding the secrets of creating and deploying a strategic communications plan will help the entire team level up.

During this session we will cover tips and tricks that can be implemented to improve your nonprofit’s communications which will increase your audience, deepen your engagement, grow your donor base and further your mission.

Participants will learn:

  • How to develop a quick and dirty communications plan
  • How to create an audience persona and related messaging
  • E-newsletter, social media, and website tips and tricks

Presentation Handout:

6 Secrets to Successful & Strategic Marketing & Communications