2022 Conference

We are looking forward to the 2022 Conference which will (we hope) be held in person in Fall 2022. 

Watch this page for updates!

Want to help? Join the Conference Planning Committee! 

This newly created committee is open to anyone working in the nonprofit sector served by the conference. The committee is not responsible for organizing the event, but will help ensure the content is useful and relevant to attendees. 

The committee will do its work in the first few months of 2022, with monthly meetings of 60-90 minutes. The work will be done virtually, so travel is not required. Each committee member will receive one complimentary conference registration.

To express your interest, please complete and return this form.

Did you know that the Nonprofit Leaders Conference was created in response to the Great Recession? In those times, nonprofits were tasked with providing critical resources to our communities while navigating new and unfamiliar territory and many unknowns.

“In the midst of the ‘Great Recession,’ many nonprofits were struggling to survive in an environment of lost jobs and hunger where their work was needed most. Also, local governments were struggling and unable to provide needed services to local residents. With these points in mind, the Conference was organized to provide opportunities for nonprofits in Mason, Grays Harbor, Pacific and Wahkiakum counties in particular, for 1) training by professionals with extensive nonprofit experience, 2) networking and identifying common goals and needs, and 3) to hear from and meet with foundation leaders in plenary sessions and speed meets.”
Mayor Crystal Dingler, NPLC Founding Member, 2007

Then and now—we remain deeply dedicated to our mission of strengthening rural and coastal nonprofits. We’ll get through this, together.

As information is available about new learning and networking activities,
updates will also be sent via email.

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Honest Reviews

Probably the best single day I’ve ever spent at a conference. Such a wealth of resources!

Sandy W – Student Orchestras of Greater Olympia

I made great connections and am now prepared to move forward and am energized to create a new and successful program.

Shannon Glenn – SPSCC Foundation