Bring Your Fundraising Into Focus: Clarifying and Organizing Your Fundraising Strategies

with Brittany Kirk, Cloudbreak Collective

Money is a critical resource for nonprofits that builds bridges to stronger tomorrows.

Yet the task of raising enough funds to fuel the work can be daunting and overwhelming. Nonprofit leaders see examples of so many different types of fundraising out there – online social media campaigns, direct mail, events, sponsorships, workplace giving, grants, etc. etc. – and wonder, “should we be doing all of that??”

The answer, usually: No.

Small and rural organizations do not always have staff positions dedicated to fundraising, and may or may not have people on their boards who understand how to effectively raise money. As a result, we sometimes slip into popular fundraising strategies that: 1) don’t lead to the results we want; 2) cost almost as much as they raise; or 3) “just seem like the right thing to do.”

In this session, we will explore the full range of fundraising activities that small and rural organizations could embark upon, and we will discuss the factors that could lead organizations to select some fundraising strategies over others.

In the second half of this session, we will cover the most essential components of an effective annual fundraising plan for nonprofit organizations, and how to use that plan as a meaningful tool throughout the year.

Through interactive discussion, we will equip organizational leaders with the knowledge they need to be able to confidently articulate their fundraising goals, to chart a fundraising plan that is right for them, to shift away from fundraising strategies that cause more headache than they are worth, and to measure how it went at the end of the year.

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