10 Things Every Board Member Should Know – But Often Don’t!

with Mary Beth Harrington, 501c3 Empowering Nonprofits

Nonprofit board members usually fall into two camps:
1) Those who have served on a nonprofit board previously
2) Those who have not

The surprising thing is….both groups usually have the same level of understanding of the roles and responsibilities of an effective nonprofit board! According to Leading with Intent: A National Index of Nonprofit Board Practices 2015, nonprofit boards across the country are earning B-minuses for their performance. Of course, you want your organization to have an A+ board but what does an A+ board look like?

Too often board members think that their experience on one nonprofit board adequately prepares them for their next board tenure and so they resist any board training. However, board members who do not adequately understand their role are more likely to venture into areas that are not their responsibility. Right now, we are seeing a surge in board members that are venturing into areas of staff supervision and evaluation which is forbidden territory.

Join us to discuss the 10 things that every board member should know, but often does not and more importantly, how to get your board members to be more open to the idea of hosting a board training.

Find the answer to what an A+ board looks like!

Here are a few things we will cover:

• The keys to a good board orientation – why it is necessary to offer this annually and that every board member attend
• Understanding the unique and complicated balance between the roles of the Executive Director, the Board of Directors and the staff
• What advocacy truly means to our board members
• Who is really responsible for recruiting board members
• Importance of meeting minutes
• What board membership really entails

Session Slides