Creating Accessible and Inclusive Meetings & Workshops

with Jill Rose, CFRE,
Camp Victory for Children

With an increasing awareness of DEI in all its forms, nonprofits are called to do a better job of making meetings and workshops more accessible and inclusive. Many small nonprofits don’t have an established HR or DEI staff person who is knowledgeable in this area.

Meetings and presentations can present barriers to participation and learning, whether for neurodiverse folx, those with visual, mobility, or hearing impairments, different learning styles, or for other reasons. The good news is you can mindfully create an environment, whether in person or online, that honors and lifts up the diversity of everyone in the room and increases participation and learning.

In this session, we’ll review some of the visible and invisible challenges that can be addressed, and you’ll leave with a customizable checklist you can use any time you plan a meeting or workshop.

Session Handout

Creating Accessible & Inclusive Meetings & Workshops Handout